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Orris Productions is based out of the Denver, CO 

yet serves a wide variety of markets and international clientele.

Whether producing Commercials, Corporate Videos, or Indie Films, we utilize our artistic vision to tell human stories.

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Filmmakers by Passion

Video Producers by Trade

Proactive personalities, creative collaboration, and end-purpose driven processes set our team apart. With our experience, Orris Productions is prepared to manage all types of video productions. Our skill-sets are maximized when we are involved in a production's creative design from its early stages. By keeping a project's message and target audience in mind,  our team will craft a final product to exceed your expectations. 

Buried Words

An Original Short Film

May all those experiencing aphasia find patience and understanding in their communities.

© 2020 Orris Productions

With proper planning,

clear communication, and a can-do attitude, we ensure every production's

smooth success!

Nicholas Orris -

Founder & Lead Producer

A Brief History

Orris Productions was created in 2015 with Founder Nicholas Orris's passion for telling human stories through film. Character is a core factor in who Orris Productions chooses to partner with and bring on the team. Effective communication and collaboration is critical to ensuring a visual project manifests in the               way it’s intended and serves its purpose.               With a curiosity for life and respect for people and their time, the creator team at Orris Productions strives to make a the experience of working together a fun, easy, and efficient process. 

Since opening, Orris Productions has expanded the team to include more talented Cinematographers, Editors, and Producers - and with that has taken on larger projects year by year. As an example, our Video Marketing Campaign for “HoverGlide’s Kickstarter” was picked up on Social Media by big names like “Now This”, “Cheddar”, “CNN”, and many others. This campaign generated massive success for HoverGlide, who currently has almost $500,000 in pledges.

Every year Orris Productions expands our skillsets, toolkits, and quality services offered. Acquiring the FAA Part 107 Aerial Pilot Certificate in 2017, Orris Productions added high quality Aerial Cinematography to many of our recent projects. Blackmagic Cameras have joined the family making 4k-6k & RAW easy options. The renovated Color Grading Suite features a 10bit color accurate monitor, 128gb RAM on a powerful custom PC, 3080 GPU, a Tangent Control Panel for grading precision, and 18% Gray walls for color  accuracy. Our ever expanding services are              scale-able to just about any project's needs.

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Produced, Edited, and Color Graded by Orris Productions

© 2020 Orris Productions

Our Valuable Team Members

Ryan Hammaker

Writer - Director - Cinematographer

Ryan takes on many roles as a writer, director, camera operator and/or editor. Most recently, Ryan wrote and directed a Civil War short film, currently in post-production (2018). He has experience in commercial, film, and television, with a series airing on the Syfy network. His knowledge of visual storytelling informs and contributes to the stories we produce!

Max Schwartz

Graphic Designer & Animator

A disc golf and VR enthusiast, Max Schwartz is the Graphics/Animation arm of NOP. Over the years Max has utilized his After Effects skills to take static logos and transform them into eye-catching Intro Animations, Explainers, and Lower Thirds. Capable of designing Logos from the ground up, Max adds a professional touch to any video that beg for smooth motion graphics!

Nicholas Orris

Founder - Producer - FAA Drone Pilot

Nick brings his inspired energy and love for artful storytelling to every project. Ever since Nick saw The Creature From the Black Lagoon at 6 years old, he dedicated his life to filmmaking! From short films to commercials, he has extensive experience in all spheres of video production. With a BS from FSU in Media production, his strength is in developing projects from conception to completion. "Using my lifelong skills and training to assist in bringing people’s dreams to life is my mission!"

Sean Crossland

Video Producer

Sean has directed and produced corporate, commercial, and animated videos for clients across numerous industries. An avid biker, hiker, and soccer player; Sean’s background in digital animation and corporate video production has given him the knowledge and experience to work through every step of the production process.



Rokinon Cine Primes

Canon L Zooms

Canon Cine Primes

Zeiss Cine Primes

CP, ND, Promist Filters


Blackmagic URSAs

BMPCC 4k & 6ks

DJI Inspire II

DJI Mavic 2 Pros

Cinemastaff Steadicam


LED Light Kits

Halogen Light Kits

Softbox Light Kits

Flags / Modifiers

Gels, Dif, & Reflectors


Shotgun Mics

Lavaliere Mics

Timecode Jammer

Field Recorders



10bit Color Monitor

16-Core CPU 

128GB Ram

3080 GPU

Color Control Panels



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